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Thank you for checking out my professional blog. My name is Elissa, and I am a practicing speech-language pathologist going on thirteen years. I am also a mother to three beautiful sons. I work at a school for children with developmental delays during the week, but in my spare time I maintain a thriving (albeit small) private practice where I see a pretty diverse caseload. I am certified by OOAQ (the Quebec order of speech language pathologists and audiologists) and I am an international ASHA affiliate ( I am also certified in two Hanen programs, It Takes Two To Talk and Target Word (both addressing language delay in a parent coaching framework)

In my private practice, I split my time between coaching families on how to integrate therapy goals into daily life, and working with adult clients who have concerns including:

- accent modification

- voice feminization or masculinization (or somewhere in the middle where the voice is perceived as genderless)

- cognitive-linguistic therapy, especially in the early phases something like a neurodegenerative illness, mild stroke or traumatic brain injury

I approach all of my cases with tremendous compassion as I see first hand the burden it causes for individuals, or parents, when communication skills fall short of the expectations.

I'll be posting my insights, sharing resources, and hopefully creating a rich and robust blog of information that can serve the individuals that I have the privilege to see.

- Elissa


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